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Introducing all new MagicGrip Field Dressing/ Gut & Triple Knife with Sheath 15cm by F.Dick.

Particular feature of the MagicGrip is the practical open handle with finger recesses, suitable for all hand sizes and all cuts, and is also ideal when wearing gloves. The shape and form of the handle guarantee effortless and fatigue-free work. The distinct finger grip recesses ensure accurate control and safety. The unique feel of the handle allows you to pick up the knife quickly and safely, which increases output and productivity.


  • Curved blade for optimal handling
  • For sawing open the breast bone and the lock joint
  • The serrations separate the bone cleanly and comfortably.
  • The ball on the tip of the blade guarantees safe cutting as internal organs cannot be damaged
  • Special MagicGrip handle in orange
  • Knife sheath for safe transport and storage